Editorial note from Vivin: Chadwick’s demise is a great loss for all of us. He was more than just the superhero he played. Still, the hope that he is definitely in a better place right now encourages us. To all my followers, please make sure you keep your mental health intact as some of our generation’s best humans seem to be going away. Here is a little tribute from me in his memory.

At this point, Chadwick Boseman was 2 years into his cancer diagnosis that took him away.

Still, you can’t sense in his words or his speech that he was suffering.

Here, he was given an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, Howard University. And, he gave one of the most relevant commencement speeches ever.

You’ll understand what great loss we incurred on Saturday.

Here is a 3 minute video that will help you understand who Chadwick Boseman was and what great his loss is to us:

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