Vivin Independent Rapper Fri, 18 Sep 2020 21:24:19 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Vivin 32 32 140842009 Nivas Ravichandran lost 40 kilograms and shared his story on a Twitter thread Mon, 14 Sep 2020 04:39:42 +0000 So, last week, Twitter suggested this Tweet thread for me to check out.

A tweet thread authored by Nivas Ravichandran, who is Startup Partnerships and Growth Lead at Freshworks Inc.

He lost 40 kilograms and switched to an active lifestyle.

If that in itself isn’t an inspiration enough, he actually went ahead and shared his entire story. In a tweet thread. 🤯.

Click/tap below to peep the thread:

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“Fluffy goes to India” full set Wed, 02 Sep 2020 15:54:44 +0000

As promised, here is the full set:

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A Chadwick tribute 😢 Sat, 29 Aug 2020 16:57:57 +0000 Editorial note from Vivin: Chadwick’s demise is a great loss for all of us. He was more than just the superhero he played. Still, the hope that he is definitely in a better place right now encourages us. To all my followers, please make sure you keep your mental health intact as some of our generation’s best humans seem to be going away. Here is a little tribute from me in his memory.

At this point, Chadwick Boseman was 2 years into his cancer diagnosis that took him away.

Still, you can’t sense in his words or his speech that he was suffering.

Here, he was given an honorary doctorate from his alma mater, Howard University. And, he gave one of the most relevant commencement speeches ever.

You’ll understand what great loss we incurred on Saturday.

Here is a 3 minute video that will help you understand who Chadwick Boseman was and what great his loss is to us:

Click here for the full video

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How to get the best out of online courses? Sun, 23 Aug 2020 10:41:31 +0000 See graphical/summarised post online on my Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and other networks.

Make it a goal.

Take a moment to write the goal. Make sure the intent is attached to the goal. If possible, make sure you add a date of completion. Make sure that it is visible, like on a post-it note or an everyday task on your calendar.

For eg. I will learn JavaScript by 23rd August so that I can apply for frontend developer job at Acme Corp.


Wikipedia describes Timebox as

In time management, timeboxing allocates a fixed time period, called a timebox, within which planned activity takes place. It is employed by several project management approaches and for personal time management.

Timebox your learning.

If possible, learn every day, for the same duration. The best way is to put it on your calendar as a recurring reminder and at that point do nothing else but learn.

Even after the course is over, use the timeblock to read or learn something else until next course begins.

Remove all distractions.

This is pretty straightforward. Try learning when there aren’t any distractions. Like, in the morning, when there are fewer personal and professional distractions. And, since, the learning is online, keeping social network, email, and IM signed out will also help.

Create a learning habit.

Follow the timeblock daily. Make sure you follow it daily until it forms a habit. When it becomes a habit, it would become natural to engage in learning.

Take notes and read them before starting timeblock.

Every time you engage in learning, create notes of what you learn. It will help you to focus on your course.

Then, next day, read the notes again before starting the learning session. This moves the knowledge to your long-term memory and helps you start the course session efficiently.

Research courses.

Bonus point. Use the timeblock for researching courses before you kick-off learning.

Hope this page was helpful.

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