What does Vivin mean as a name?

Long story short, Vivin (the Christian Keralite version), is borrowed from Vivian which is inspired by the Latin word, Vivus, meaning Alive.

The Longer Version

I can tell you what the Christian Malayali version means. Apparently, Vivin is also a common name in South East Asian Muslim females, whose etymology I don’t know much about.

Mostly, Vivin was given to their children by Christian Malayalis, the name seems to be inspired by the great West Indian Cricketer, Sir Vivian Richards (whose actual name is Sir Isaac Vivian Alexander Richards) as he was pretty big in the 80s/90s (when most Malayali Vivins were born).

Therefore, Vivin is borrowed from Vivian which itself is English for the Latin word, Vivus, meaning Alive. (Also, carried over from Latin because it is the name of two early Christian female martyrs as well as of a male saint and bishop.)

So, Vivin basically means Alive.


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