FWD: Has Modi’s approval/disapproval ratings fallen? Here is how you can check every week

At this point, Modi is at his strongest.

20% disapproval rate. And, keeping an average of 70-80% approval rate. Even when he is being scrutinized heavily due to Farmer’s protests.

And, credit goes to his supporters for standing strong with him.

Why check ratings?

Simply because our media is very diluted. Like, I live in Punjab (the centre of protests), and the media around me comes across as if Modi’s popularity has fallen. However, approval ratings help me understand that the picture is exactly opposite.

So, how do you check Modi’s ratings next week?

I use Morning Consult’s tracker. They are unbiased and their research seems fairly accurate (did a basic research). They upload ratings of various leaders, including our premier, every week.

The tracker is here:


Image of PM Modi was adapted from the official Narendra Modi Flickr.

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