About Vivin. By Vivin

I am Vivin.

Government name, Vivin John.

The Recording Artist

I am a record producer who creates rap records as part of my net label, Vexillo.

Since 2006, I have been active on the Internet Rap scene. I have played various roles with other Net Labels, from being a songwriter to an A&R. In 2020, I decided to produce my own records and release them as part of my creative endeavors. These records are currently work in progress. I will be releasing all my records and updates on the Music segment of The Vivin Life.

The Magazine Author

Apart from records, I create written, audio, and video content exclusively for Vinsiders. This content comprises the magazine segment of my website. The intent for this section is to help you level up. The content is shared between a lot of topics that you can browse.

The website and networks

This website and my social networks, is an unified platform to access everything, VivinThis is where I connect with my Vinsiders and release all my music and magazine content.

You can access all my content chronologically and topically released here on my website. And, each time an piece of content is posted, Vinsiders get updates on their Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, RSS, and other networks by following me.

Beyond Vivin the artist

A little about me beyond my creative life. I reside in Zirakpur with my wife and mom, India. I am married to the amazing Benita of And, I serve at CrossPointe Church, Zirakpur in creative and audio services. Professionally, I am a software project manager with experience in web design and development.


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