About Vivin, by Vivin

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I make Digital Content and Rap Music exclusively for my audience aka Vinsiders.

I create experiences in digital mediums/types like Audio, Music, Video, Text, and Photos. I create these experiences on various topics and interests. And, some of these experiences are parts of series like 2MS.

Also, I am a Rapper who is currently working on his debut mixtape. Unlike most Indian rappers, the content and presentation will be very different. Coming soon.

All my content and music is owned by Vexillo. Vexillo is an solopreneurship I launched in 2021.

The Vivin Life embodies my maker life.

The Vivin Life is a combination of this website and my @thevivinlife social media network accounts.

Following me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will get you updates about my latest and you will find everything here on The Vivin Life.

Everything here is created for a very unique and small inner circle called Vinsiders. Vinsiders are chosen individuals that are offered exclusive memberships. Want to become a Vinsider? Start by following me on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter.

Here is who I am.

Government name, Vivin John.

A Malayalee born in Kerala but lived his entirety in Chandigarh.

As stereotypical as it sounds for an Indian, I actually work in IT (I even live with my mum) and my work life is documented at vivinjohn.com.

Married to the writer, Benita (iambenita.com), a major influence in all that I do, including but not limited to The Vivin Life. We reside in Zirakpur with my mother.

A fervent Christian. One with focus on theology, being like Christ, and with focus on loving people like Jesus did. I have a heart for social justice, equality in society, and sharing God’s provisions. You’ll find me at CrossPointe Church, Zirakpur on Sundays.

I am an introvert with a spirit of solopreneurship and a generalist with interests in various topics.

All of the above collectively curate the experiences from my life that my Vinsiders get to enjoy here at The Vivin Life.