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Listen to the text.

This is the hardest content to write. It is borderline bragging and I am really trying to keep it #HumbleBrag.

I appreciate you for taking time out to read this, most people won’t care about this page. You are a real one for this!

Okay, so, about me.

Vivin is my actual first name. Government name, Vivin John.

My name is a product of Malayalee people giving their offsprings weird Anglo names.

My mum justifies it by saying I am named after the GOAT cricketer, Sir Vivian Richards (though, Vivian isn’t his first name either).

And, Urban Dictionary defines it as,”Craziest kid on earth and extremely HOTT!”. Yet, I think I will settle with my first name being derived from the Latin word Vivus, meaning Alive.

Either way, the name does its job so I am not complaining.

As far as work is concerned, I have been in India’s IT industry for 10 years now. Still don’t consider myself a vet, though. But, yeah, I can help you set-up and manage a software project and the team that works on it. That is just a cool way to describe my usual 9 to 5 as a software project manager. Lol.

I am not kidding though, I can actually help you with your software stuff. Hit me up if you need help…

I was born a generalist and my interests span across various realms. So, my 9 to 5 job doesn’t help me suffice what I want to do in life.

So, in 2020, I created an online record label and signed myself to it as an artist. Vexillo is the label. And, it is also what I describe as my solopreneurship. You know like a One Man Brand.

Why, a rapper?

I have been listening to Rap/Hip-Hop since 1997. I started right after Biggie/Pac died. With advent of the Internet in the 2000s, I was able to embrace the rap culture and, yes, I am pretty crazy about it. Especially, rap lyricism.

Rap helped me embrace and eventually move out of the Indian suburban life. You know ghettos rife with embracing of drugs, violence, poverty, and hustling. Somehow, Rap and faith helped me protect myself and take good steps to get myself at a better position.

The concoction of these experiences comprise what I weave through the words of my Rap lyrics and the instrumentation that accompany it.

Currently, I am working on my first Rap venture, an visual/auditory series of rap lyricism packed in a rap mixtape called, One. A solo mixtape on which I am using my songwriter and audio engineering skills.

Furthermore, I also design, code, and write.

I have been graphic design/web design/coding since 2008. I transitioned as a coder in 2011 and became a project manager in ’18. Still, at heart, I think I am a designer and you can see my love for it here and on all the work that I produce. You can see the Nimbus Sans Extended used here in this, it embodies my love for design, minimalism, and typography. I ♥ fonts and typefaces.

Yes, and my 9th grade English teacher had me understand my passion for expressing myself in words. She made me write poems and prose for the local newspaper and had asked me to pursue journalism. Yet, my love for code was always bigger than my love for prose. Still, I try to write as often as I could, especially, here and on my social media.

Okay, so I can summarize everything by bragging like this…

My name is Vivin, I am a rapper, producer, solopreneur, coder, designer, project manager, and an Internet writer. And, maybe to an extent an audio engineer. Basically, a Gangster and Gentleman (S/O Styles P). *Chuckles*


Actually, here is a more truthful summary.

I am just another kid from Chandigarh, India who was so introverted he decided to learn things on his own and exhibits it using this website because asking people for help is the most difficult thing for him.

This is also why I am extremely grateful to Benita of iambenita.com who for some unexplainable reasons decided to adopt me as her boyfriend and soon marry me in 2014. She a real one, too! (You should check out her work, too).

Also, God.

A major part of my life is my love for Christ Jesus.

I think all that I am and that I have is product of the grace Jesus has showed me. (Apologies to my atheist brethren. I love you guys but had to put the shameless plug here.)

It stems from a belief system that I embodied from my parents and personal experiences. Honestly, I am not the best of the believers out there. Yet, my life is all about keeping the “Love God and your neighbour” commandment as true and close to how Christ exercised it. That is why I can exercise my faith yet have healthy relationships with people who do not align with my values.

This is also why I exist online.

All that I do is to exhibit God’s love with you and share what I have learned all throughout my life.

There is only one intent, help you level up. 🆙

Again, thanks for reading, I really appreciate it.

As I said before, you a real one!

In the end, please make sure you follow me on Social Media. Click here to get the list of my social media and streaming services links.

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